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About Us

Here’s how Auto Trade Copier helps you Eliminate Unnecessary Trading Risk, Increase Your Confidence & Skyrocket Your Forex Trading Performance…

Auto Trade Copier uses cutting edge financial technology to provide live Internet-based Forex Trading Signals, Trade Copier, Fund Management, Research, Market Updates and Trading Services to everyone, from individuals to large corporations, from portfolio managers to financial institutions.

Our trading, research and analysis team have over 40 years experience in testing, developing and trading quantitative, statistically backed trading models in the financial markets. Through extensive research we have tested and analysed virtually every type of trading methodology conceivable, from long term multi-year trend following, to the most rapid HFT (high-frequency trading). We have studied every kind of trading problem and challenge imaginable, and through rigorous mathematical and statistical methods we have turned these ‘obstacles’ into ‘opportunities’ for our clients.

Our ability to generate superior risk adjusted returns through widely ranging and evolving market conditions has captured the attention and respect from traders, fund managers, investment houses and private wealth managers worldwide. Our Commentary and Research have been quoted across the Internet and we are widely regarded as the authoritative source on quantitative Forex trading.

Our clients range from some of the largest alternative asset managers, to individual retail traders. But all our clients have one thing in common — virtually all have benefited greatly from our trading expertise and insight. A number of clients each acknowledge that our research and strategies have lead to substantial opportunities for them in their Forex trading. [See Client Feedback]

We have identified the patterns and psychological obstacles that limit and prevent traders from achieving their full potential and we provide a complete trading solution to deal with these problems. We show our clients how to take advantage of opportunities in the market through clear and precise entry, exit and risk management principles which are built upon cutting edge technology and designed to be adaptive to changing market conditions. We believe this opportunity gives our clients a clear and powerful advantage over other traders in the market.

Our success is dependant on the critical ability to take a contrarian approach and to distance ourselves from the crowd. By utilizing the latest ground breaking research and technology we are able analyse the behaviour of other traders in the market place and exploit market inefficiencies to enhance our performance. Through rigorous testing and analysis we are able to understand and implement the mechanics of trading for optimal, greatest potential upside returns, while effectively controlling and minimizing downside risk to the greatest extent possible. [See our results pages]

We have analysed and understand the implications that market volatility, market correlations and price shocks can have on trading performance in the Forex markets: the opportunities and the vulnerabilities which can arise at any given time in the global financial markets, and we have designed our Forex Signals Program to take advantage of these conditions.

Our greatest ‘edge’, we believe is our ability to think “way outside the box”, to employ strategies and prepare for scenarios that are frequently overlooked by most traders in the market place. It is this creative, pro-active approach that is the key driver to superior risk adjusted performance. [See our Performance pages]

We are dedicated to the success of our clients as we continue to grow and develop our Trading Program through advancing research and technology, to the highest degree possible. We believe strongly in ethical, performance based business practices and we welcome everyone who wishes to build their trading career, fulfill their trading potential and take their trading success to the next level.